2nd October 2019


Do weight distribution hitch increase towing capacity?

An equalizing hitch or weight distribution can sometimes increase the capacity of the receiver hitch, but the vehicle manufacturers stated towing capacity or rating will always be the final determination of how much the vehicle can tow. Any towing system will only be as strong as its lowest rated component.

Likewise, what does a weight distribution mean?

Weight distribution is a system that installs on the trailer frame and the trailer couples to a special shank on the trailer hitch. The spring bars that come with a weight distribution system take some of the weight of the trailer and distribute it equally among all the axles of the towing vehicle and trailer.

What is the distribution of weight?

Weight distribution is the apportioning of weight within a vehicle, especially cars, airplanes, and trains. Typically, it is written in the form x/y, where x is the percentage of weight in the front, and y is the percentage in the back. For this reason weight distribution varies with the vehicle's intended usage.

What are you supposed to do when your trailer sways?

Know how to avoid trailer sway before it starts.
  1. Reduce speed by removing your foot from the accelerator.
  2. Hold the steering wheel straight.
  3. Do not try to control the sway by turning the steering wheel.
  4. Do not brake or speed up.
  5. Get to a safe place and adjust your load with more weight to the front.
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