2nd October 2019


Do sting rays lay eggs?

Some stingray species, such as devil rays, don't posses stinging spines. Namely, the biggest difference between a stingray and a skate is how they give birth. All stingrays give birth to live young, while skates lay eggs and attach them to the reef in hard pouches sometimes called "mermaid's purses".

Considering this, do stingray stingers grow back?

The largest ray, the Manta Ray, barely has a tail at all. The barb on a stingray's tail is only used for defence, and as they can take a long time to grow back, most species of stingray use the barb on their tail as a last resort or self-defence. Stingrays will always choose to flee when they feel threatened.

Are all Stingrays deadly?

The poisonous stinger punctured Irwin's heart, killing him almost instantly. The short-tail stingray, Dasyatis brevicaudata, is a huge and normally docile fish. Typically regarded as inquisitive but wary fish, all stingrays are armed with at least one serrated venomous spine at the base of their whip-like tails.
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