25th November 2019


Do rhododendron bushes lose their leaves?

Normal: While we think of rhododendrons as evergreen, they do drop leaves just as conifers periodically shed needles. Some rhododendrons hold their leaves for a season, dropping the older leaves in spring, fall or both seasons. Other varieties can hold their leaves for three or even four seasons.

Considering this, what causes rhododendrons to die?

More rhododendrons are killed by waterlogging and poor drainage than any other cause. If the soil is boggy, heavy clay or compacted, rhododendrons will not grow for long and will likely die. Dark brown dead roots= Phytophthora caused by poor drainage. (NOT the same as Sudden Oak Death.)

What causes rhododendron leaves to turn yellow?

If you can't feel the root ball in the soil, you have planted it too deeply. Replant at the proper level. This takes care of leaves turning yellow on rhododendron because of planting depth. Lack of water or food may also cause leaves turning yellow on rhododendron.

Are all rhododendrons deciduous?

The Rhododendron plants are usually evergreen and those labeled Azalea plants are deciduous, although there are a few evergreen Azaleas like those in the florist or nursery trade.
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