25th November 2019


Do prunes really make you poop?

When you eat dried prunes you'll be getting much more fiber than you will if you eat a fresh plum. Prunes will almost certainly help with constipation, and while plums may offer some vitamins and nutrients, they may not be enough to make you poop.

How many prunes is too much?

California Dried Plums states that you can safely eat up to 10 to 12 prunes a day, which is a little more than a 1/2 cup of fruit. If you are not used to a diet high in fiber, however, start with a smaller serving, of four to five prunes, and gradually increase your consumption to avoid digestive side effects.

Can you get sick from eating too many prunes?

This condition leads to painful abdominal cramps and diarrhea. Prunes contain high amounts of sugar, which can trigger such a problem. Even people who do not have dietary fructose intolerance can get diarrhea on eating prunes. So, an unregulated dose or eating too many of these fruits can easily lead to diarrhea.
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