2nd October 2019


Do macrophages produce antibodies?

B lymphocytes (or B cells) are each programmed to make one specific antibody. When a B cell comes across its triggering antigen it gives rise to many large cells known as plasma cells. Each plasma cell is essentially a factory for producing antibody.

Just so, what role do macrophages play in providing immunity to humans?

Role in adaptive immunity. Macrophages are versatile cells that play many roles. As scavengers, they rid the body of worn-out cells and other debris. Along with dendritic cells, they are foremost among the cells that present antigens, a crucial role in initiating an immune response.

How do macrophages help fight infection?

Monocytes/macrophages circulate in the blood and become macrophages in the tissues. Macrophages are scavengers whose job is to engulf or eat up infecting germs and even infected cells. Macrophages also help to overcome infection by secreting signals that help activate other cell types to fight against infections.
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