17th October 2019


Do Kik messages expire?

Your Kik messages are stored locally on your device (right in the Kik app). If you haven't recently logged out of, or deleted Kik, your recent chat history will be saved on your device. On your iOS device: For recent chats you've had in the last 48 hrs, you'll see the last 1000 messages.

Moreover, can you permanently delete a Kik account?

Permanently deleting a Kik account can't be done from the app itself — instead, you'll need to use the official Kik account deactivation page available at Deactivate Your Account. However, it is possible to delete your message history within the Kik app, so you may want to do this before deleting your account.

How long does Kik keep messages for?

Recent messages for each Kik chat are saved on your teen's smartphone (right in the app). On your teen's iPod or iPhone with the latest version of Kik: For chats they've had in the last 48 hours, you'll see the last 1000 messages.

Can you cancel a sent message on Kik?

On Kik, you can delete individual messages or entire chats. Individual Messages: Pressing and hold the message you'd like to delete and tap Delete. Deleting a message in your chat won't delete it from your friend's chat since all messages a stored locally on each device.
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