9th September 2018


Do indoor bonsai trees lose their leaves in winter?

Both deciduous bonsais and evergreen bonsais enter a dormancy period during the winter months. During this dormancy period neither type of bonsai can be indoors. Unlike Evergreens, which keep their leaves all year round, deciduous trees lose their leaves during the winter months.

Also to know is, do ficus bonsai trees lose their leaves?

Most indoor Bonsai species (Ficus, Carmona, etc) do not drop their leaves, unless there is a problem: While with overwatering the tree would slowly lose strength, with under-watering the tree will drop its leaves within days.

Why are the leaves of my bonsai tree falling off?

Overwatering is a common reason when the indoor Bonsai is planted in poor soil that retains too much water. A few months of overwatering will lead to root-rot, only visible in the tree losing strength and dropping its leaves. Another problem, especially when a Bonsai is placed indoors, is poor light.

Can a ficus tree survive a freeze?

Weeping fig not only hates cold weather, it cannot survive in it. It may tolerate temperatures that dip near 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but once temperatures drop below this, the potential for tree damage increases.
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