26th November 2019


Do I have to refrigerate 100% pure maple syrup?

Maple syrup has a surprisingly short shelf life. So if yours is sitting in your pantry, it's time to relocate it to the fridge. Stored in a glass container or a tin, maple syrup usually can stay fresh for up to a year. However, if you notice any mold growth, be sure to toss it immediately.

Simply so, how can you tell if maple syrup has gone bad?

The first thing to look for is signs of spoilage like mold, etc. If you can't find any, try smelling and then trying the syrup. If it smells fine and tastes well, it's definitely fine. As you can see, maple syrup can go bad, but it's a very rare occurrence.

How do you store real maple syrup?

Maple syrup should be stored in the refrigerator. It doesn't have to be, and it will probably take at least a year for it to grow any mold if left in the pantry. But it will last longer in the refrigerator; I've seen refrigerated jars 3+ years old without any mold.

Do you need to refrigerate real maple syrup?

Maple syrup must be refrigerated after opening. Answer: Unlike honey, which people store in the kitchen cabinet, maple syrup is prone to mold infestation. Although maple syrup may look like honey and taste as sweet, it lacks honey's unique chemical makeup and defensive devices against any and all invaders.
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