21st November 2019


Do humans have the lac operon?

Good guess would be the lac operon is found in the gut flora. Humans have genes to produce enzymes to metabolise lactose (unless they're lactose intolerant). This is different to the lac operon in E. coli as human genes are not organised in operons the same way bacterial genes are.

What is the lac operon?

The lac operon (lactose operon) is an operon required for the transport and metabolism of lactose in Escherichia coli and many other enteric bacteria. The gene product of lacZ is β-galactosidase which cleaves lactose, a disaccharide, into glucose and galactose.

What is a lac operon concept?

The general term for the product of a regulatory gene is a regulatory protein. The Lac regulatory protein is called a repressor because it keeps RNA polymerase from transcribing the structural genes. Thus the Lac repressor inhibits transcription of the lac operon.
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