21st October 2019


Do grubs eat flower roots?

Japanese beetle females only lay their eggs in sod—so if those are the only grubs you have, your flower roots will be safe. But others, like May and June beetles, lay their eggs in plain old dirt, and their grubs will eat the roots of flowers and veggies.

Also asked, do grubs harm plants?

A few species, however, commonly damage turfgrass and other cultivated plants. Most landscape professionals associate white grubs with lawns where they are often a pest. Furthermore, some of these grubs are not the ones that feed on the roots or crowns of your plants and do not need to be killed.

Do grubs eat worms?

The eggs hatch in early August and the new grub worms begin eating the grass roots. In November, the grubs tunnel deep in the soil for the Winter. The grubs come back up to the surface in early May and eat a little longer.
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