2nd October 2019


Do elm trees lose their leaves?

Fall Foliage. Unlike many other shade trees, the fall foliage of the American elm is not strikingly ornamental, according to the University of Connecticut Plant Database. As fall turns to winter, the leaves drop from the tree, and the tree enters a period of dormancy during the winter months.

Also, do cedar trees lose their needles?

This conifer classification includes tree families such as pine, spruce, fir, hemlock, cedar and others. Most of the tree species within these groups retain their needles to remain green year-round. This family of trees is fully deciduous, meaning they lose all of their needles every fall.

Do cedars need lots of water?

Cedars need lots of water. It's almost impossible to over water a properly planted cedar hedge. The right amount of water is the amount that keeps the soil moist at all times to ensure the trees do not get distressed.
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