29th June 2020


Do e cloths really work?

Think of it as millions of tiny hands grabbing onto everything on the surface of your countertop or sink. Another benefit of all of those fibers, the cloths are proven to remove over 99% of bacteria (including E. These cloths don't kill bacteria, they collect bacteria from surfaces.

Furthermore, do e cloths work?

common household chemical cleaning practices. Results show that using E-Cloth + water is as effective – or more effective – than the old way. ? The results demonstrate that E-Cloth + water removes over 99% of bacteria and mold, locking it away inside the cloths' fibers, where it stays until the cloths are rinsed.

Beside above, are e cloths as good as Norwex?

The truth is, both products are wonderful and will change the way you clean but e-cloths perform as well as Norwex at a fraction of the cost. E-cloth has very good lab test results showing that when you rinse the cloth well after you use it, over 99% of bacteria picked up by the cloth is rinsed out.

Are e cloths environmentally friendly?

Microfiber towels may feel like they're made of cloth, but they're actually made of plastic. Anything that's made with recyclable materials is preferable from a sustainability standpoint than something that's not, but that's not the only issue with microfiber towels.

What is comparable to Norwex?

However, the window cleaners, the kitchen cleaner, the stainless steel cleaner, the bathroom cleaner are all comparable to the Norwex products. Norwex cloths clean and polish at the same time. -E-cloth has many cloths that perform the same as one cloth in the Norwex kit.
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