Do diodes work with AC?

As you can see, during the positive half-cycle of the applied ac, the voltage across the diode is the full applied ac voltage, while the circuit current is zero. Note that this behavior is not dependent on frequency; an ideal diode simply conducts current in one direction only, regardless of frequency.

Is a diode the same as a battery?

A diode and a battery are two totally different things. A battery is a source of power. It has a positive terminal and a negative terminal. A diode is a specialized electronic component with two electrodes called the anode and the cathode.
  • What is the symbol of a diode?

    Diodes only allow current to flow in one direction, and they're always polarized. A diode has two terminals. The positive side is called the anode, and the negative one is called the cathode. The diode circuit symbol, with the anode and cathode marked.
  • Which way to install a diode?

    Think of a diode as a one-way street for electricity. When the diode is in forward bias, the diode allows traffic, or current, to flow from the anode, towards the cathode leg. In a reverse bias current is blocked so there is no flow of electricity through the circuit.
  • Why does current flow from the positive terminal?

    It doesn't actually. It flows from negative to positive. Electrons are the normal charge carriers and they are repelled by negative and attracted to positive. Therefore, in the conductor for negatively charged particles current flow from positive to negative terminal and from negative to positive in the battery.

Updated: 2nd October 2019

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