18th November 2019


Do chickens lay eggs and poop out of the same hole?

The egg, poop and urine (which for a chicken isn't a liquid) exits out of the same hole (aka, the vent, as you can see above). BUT, when an egg comes out, the chicken's Cloaca is turned inside out so that the egg cannot come in contact with the intestines (fecal matter nastiness).

In respect to this, what happens when a chicken lays an egg?

Hens lay eggs on the same schedule as without a rooster present. If the rooster is allowed to mingle with the hens, there is a high likelihood that the eggs will be fertilized. This could result in chicks if the eggs are allowed to incubate (either in the nest under the hen or in an egg incubator).

Do chickens lay more than one egg a day?

A hen that takes longer than usual to produce each egg will lay fewer eggs per clutch than a hen that lays every 25 to 26 hours. Likewise, a hen that takes less than 25 hours to produce each egg will lay more eggs per clutch. One of the Missouri super chickens laid 371 eggs in 364 days.

How long does it take for a chicken to lay its first egg?

Egg laying begins from about four months to up to six months, depending on the breed. The eggs will be much smaller when a hen starts laying compared to how large they will become as she matures into a full-grown hen. These first eggs are the cutest little eggs!
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