2nd October 2019


Do chewing gum make you hungry?

Chewing gum stimulates the gastric juices, meaning there is more saliva. You then swallow the saliva and your stomach thinks there is food coming down. When no food comes down, you become hungry. It is like chewing food but spitting it out.

Similarly, it is asked, can chewing gum reduce hunger?

That's right. A study found that chewing gum can really put the kibosh on your afternoon appetite in a big way. People who chew either sweetened or sugar-free gum after lunch feel full longer, have fewer hunger pangs, have fewer cravings for sweets and eat fewer afternoon snacks compared with people who don't chew gum.

Is chewing a lot of gum bad for you?

While chewing these sugar-free gums containing artificial sweeteners in excess may cause an upset stomach, it is the xylitol in sugar-free gum that helps reduce the formation of dental plaque and tooth decay. Chewing gum containing sugar, on the other hand, is linked to a higher risk of dental cavities.
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