1st September 2018


Do boogers have calories in them?

There are about 25 calories in a half cup of snot. On a typical day we swallow about 4 cups or 200 calories in boogers a day. You're swallowing something that is already in your body so there is no net gain or loss in calories for your body.

Also know, is it good to have boogers in your nose?

Snot is made mostly of water. But, water is only one ingredient. Snot is also made of tiny particles that are in the air we breathe like germs, dust and pollen. When air debris gets trapped in your tiny little nose hairs, it mixes with snot or mucus and from there, can become a booger.

Is it bad for you to eat bogies?

It might be wise to look away now if you are eating or have a weak stomach, but scientists have discovered that ingesting bogies is good for teeth, and overall health. The findings even suggest snot could defend against respiratory infections, stomach ulcers and even HIV.
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