28th November 2019


Do birth control pills make your breasts bigger?

The hormones in birth control pills may cause changes in your breasts. In most cases, any change in breast size is the result of fluid retention or temporary weight gain caused by the increase in hormones. Some women may experience a change in breast size while taking the active pills in their pill pack.

Can you lose weight by taking birth control?

It's true that high levels of estrogen can increase appetite and invite fluid or water retention. Changes in hormonal birth control and advances in combination forms of the pill have addressed this issue. Most, if not all, pills lack high enough estrogen levels to cause weight gain.

Can the implant make you put on weight?

Like other forms of hormonal birth control, the implant may cause some side effects, including weight gain. However, research is mixed on whether the implant actually causes weight gain. Keep reading to learn why you may gain weight, other potential side effects, and more.
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