Do Amish believe in modern medicine?

They believe that medicine helps, but God heals. The Amish are very careful medical consumers. The Amish religion does not forbid its people to seek modern medical care. When necessary, the Amish can have surgical procedures, dental work, anesthesia, or blood transfusions.

Do Amish people use power tools?

In fact, some Amish people will use diesel generators and batteries as a common solution for electricity. And, as NPR's Planet Money recently found out while visiting an Amish trade show in Ohio, they'll use power tools, too—but only pneumatically powered ones.
  • What are the beliefs of the Amish?

    While many people are familiar with the conservative, Old-World lifestyle of the Amish, few truly understand their beliefs and tenets of faith. While the Amish are Christians — they believe in Jesus and in the Holy Trinity — they have some beliefs that set them apart from Protestants and other Christian denominations.
  • How many Amish are there in the world?

    There are nearly 251,000 Amish people in America and Canada, according to Ohio State University researchers. That's more than double the estimated population in 1989 of about 100,000. Researchers estimate the population will double again to half a million within about 21 years.
  • Do Amish people have to have a Social Security number?

    The Amish have a religious exemption from the Social Security system. They get Social Security numbers when they join the church, then file exemption forms, Mast said.

Updated: 21st November 2019

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