18th November 2019


Do all oak trees lose their leaves?

Live oaks, also known as evergreen oaks, are beautiful and stately trees in the landscape. However, live oaks are NOT true evergreens. They do drop their old leaves as new leaves emerge in the spring. This is NORMAL and NOT a disease problem.

Similarly one may ask, is a white oak deciduous or evergreen?

The White Oak tree also known as Quercus alba is native to North America. White oaks are deciduous or evergreen trees. The bark of the white oak tree is light gray and scaly. They are enormous trees that have thick trunks with crowns that are irregular in shape.

What oaks are evergreen?

Live oak or evergreen oak is any of a number of oaks in several different sections of the genus Quercus that share the characteristic of evergreen foliage. These oaks are not more closely related to each other than they are to other oaks.

Are live oak trees Evergreen?

Quercus virginiana, also known as the southern live oak, is an evergreen oak tree native to the southeastern United States. Though many other species are loosely called live oak, the southern live oak is particularly iconic of the Old South.
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