18th November 2019


Do all banana trees grow bananas?

The banana is a perennial plant that replaces itself. Bananas do not grow from a seed but from a bulb or rhizome, and it takes 9 to 12 months from sowing a banana bulb to harvesting the fruit. The banana flower appears in the sixth or seventh month.

Do banana trees need a lot of sun?

Hardy banana trees like to be grown in full to partial sun and well drained, moist soil. The hardy banana tree is actually an herbaceous perennial (the world's largest) despite being referred to as a tree.

How many times does a banana tree bear fruit?

Formula 10-10-10 is an excellent choice. After your banana harvest cut your tree back to about 30 inches and let the stem dry out for about two weeks before removing it. Banana stalks only produce fruit once, so it's important to cut them back in order for new fruit to grow.
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