4th November 2019


Can you walk if you have a torn MCL?

Someone with a partially or completely torn MCL may or may not have symptoms, depending on the severity of the injury. Pain and swelling can be intense initially, and some people with more severe injuries will have some instability when walking, feeling "wobbly" or unable to put weight on the affected leg.

How long does it take to recover from a torn MCL?

Recovery times differ depending on the severity of the injury: A minor, or grade 1, MCL tear can take from a few days to a week and a half to heal sufficiently for you to return to normal activities, including sports. A grade 2 tear can take from two to four weeks to heal.

What does it feel like to have a torn MCL?

An injury to the MCL leads to swelling and pain in the medial, or inner, aspect of the knee. Patients will often feel pain with knee bending or twisting maneuvers. When an MCL tear is severe, the athlete can feel a sense of instability or opening on the inside of the knee.
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