18th November 2019


Can you use the same Apple ID on more than one device?

Use different Apple IDs for iCloud and iTunes. We recommend that you use the same Apple ID for all Apple services on your device—including the iTunes & App Stores and iCloud. Using multiple Apple IDs might be confusing and cause issues with accessing purchased content or using some services.

Also question is, how many devices can be synced to an iTunes account?

The answer is 5! iTunes has a limit of 5 devices per registered account. There seems to be some confusion on what is the 'device'. The device is the actual mac or pc - not the numbers of ipads, ipods, iphones, ipod touch etc.

How many devices can you authorize for iTunes?

You can authorize up to 5 computers, which means that you can play your content on 5 different computers. You can authorize a computer only through iTunes on that particular computer. You can't authorize a computer from another computer or from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

How many devices can you have on family sharing?

"Family Sharing requires a personal Apple ID signed in to iCloud and iTunes 12. Music, movies, TV shows, and books can be downloaded on up to 10 devices per account, five of which can be computers."
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