Can you use head and shoulders on a dog?

Human dandruff shampoo like Head & Shoulders may be used on dogs to control flaky dandruff (a sign of dry skin) and has the added benefit of being able to kill fleas when left on for at least five minutes. Dawn dish soap is another product safe to use on pets.

How do I reduce dog dander?

Brush your dog daily with a soft brush to reduce shedding of dander. Brushing will distribute natural oils through the coat, and remove some of the shed dander caught in the fur. Take your dog outside to brush her. Dander can become airborne and hang in the air for hours.
  • Can dandruff lead to hair loss?

    It's not serious, it's not contagious, and it won't lead to other health problems. But if left untreated, it can become so itchy and inflamed that it causes temporary hair loss. That's another good reason to wash your hair with a dandruff shampoo. Once you've treated your scalp, the hair will probably grow back.
  • What are symptoms of pet allergies?

    Pet allergy signs and symptoms caused by inflammation of nasal passages include:
    • Sneezing.
    • Runny nose.
    • Itchy, red or watery eyes.
    • Nasal congestion.
    • Itchy nose, roof of mouth or throat.
    • Postnasal drip.
    • Cough.
    • Facial pressure and pain.
  • What is the meaning of animal dander?

    Animal Dander. All warm-blooded animals shed tiny flakes from their skin called dander (it's like dandruff in humans, but much harder to see). When someone is allergic to animals, dander could be causing the problem.

Updated: 2nd October 2019

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