12th November 2019


Can you use conditioner everyday?

You can use conditioner immediately after shampooing or on its own. The general recommendation is a few times per week, but you can use it daily. Common sense goes a long way: If you hair is superfine and prone to greasiness, condition less often.

Likewise, is it OK to wash hair daily?

The experts agree: Only a small group needs to shampoo daily, like those with very fine hair, someone who exercises a lot (and sweats), or someone living in very humid place, Goh says. “If you have oily scalp, then daily washing is needed,” she explains.

How often do you use shampoo and conditioner?

Those with straight hair who want a “heavy” look can wash every day, but use conditioner every four to five days or one or two for a “light” style. Meanwhile, those with wavy locks can wash three times a week, and condition once or twice when the hair looks dry.
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