11th December 2019


Can you urinate with a nephrostomy tube?

A nephrostomy tube is a catheter (a thin tube). It is put in through your skin and into your kidney to drain your urine (pee). You may need a nephrostomy tube when something is blocking your normal flow of urine. Urine from your kidney passes through tubes called ureters.

Hereof, do you still pee with a nephrostomy tube?

The nephrostomy drains urine from one or both kidneys into a collecting bag outside your body. The bag has a tap so you can empty it. You may still pass some urine in a normal way even when you have a nephrostomy tube in one, or both, of your kidneys.

Do Nephrostomy tubes need to be flushed?

Flushing the nephrostomy tube with normal saline. If the flow of urine from the tube decreases or stops, the tube may need to be flushed with a salt water solution called normal saline. This clears any small pieces of waste that might be blocking the catheter from draining. Flushing is also called instilling.

Is Nephrostomy a surgery?

The Procedure. At the end of your surgery, your doctor inserts a nephrostomy tube through your back and into your kidney. The soft plastic tube is then connected to a drainage bag outside of your body. Your doctor may also insert a nephrostomy tube before surgery to help treat a blockage from a stone.
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