2nd October 2019


Can you turn a lamp into a touch lamp?

It's a snap to convert your existing table lamp to an on-off touch lamp with this handy adaptor. The adaptor screw in to your lamp socket. To turn the lamp on or off, just simply touch any metal part of the lamp base. Will work with incandescent, halogen, and even CFL light bulbs.

Similarly, do LED bulbs work with touch lamps?

Lighting consultant Terry McGowan said that if a touch lamp has a mechanical switch, it will work with any CFL or LED bulb. However, if the lamp has an electronic switch, you'll need to use a CFL or LED bulb that's specially marked as dimmable. Even then you may have some problems, he said.

How does a touch switch work?

Resistance touch switch. A resistance switch needs two electrodes to be physically in contact with something electrically conductive (for example a finger) to operate. They work by lowering the resistance between two pieces of metal. It is thus much simpler in construction compared to the capacitance switch.
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