2nd October 2019


Can you text to 911 when you can not talk?

If you're deaf or in an emergency where you can't speak, getting a hold of 911 is problematic. If you're located in an area that will allow the service, make sure you provide your location when texting 911. Call centers will not have the ability to triangulate your location the same way they can with a phone call.

Furthermore, how do you call the police if you are deaf?

Deaf people would do the following:
  1. Use a TTY (it looks like a typewriter) to call 911 directly Serving the Hearing Impaired.
  2. Use the relay service to call 911 National Association of the Deaf.
  3. Use text to call 911 What You Need to Know About Text-to-911.

How does a deaf person call 999?

They text. A national text number has been set up that allows Deaf people, or people with hearing difficulties, to get 999 help quickly. But, unlike hearing people, they must register their phones before they make a call.

Can you send a text to 911 Canada?

For people who are not deaf, hard of hearing or do not have speech impairments, a telephone voice call is still the only way to receive assistance during an emergency situation. Furthermore, the CRTC reminds Canadians that text messages sent to "911" do not reach emergency services.
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