Can you substitute olive oil for vegetable oil when baking a cake?

We've found you can substitute olive oil for other oils on a one-for-one basis. If a recipe, say, calls for half a cup of vegetable oil, use the same amount of extra virgin olive oil. We've done this with carrot cake, pound cake, and chocolate cake.

Can you use olive oil instead of vegetable oil in a cake mix?

Great question. You can definitely substitute olive oil for vegetable oil in our Supermoist cake mixes. Our kitchens would recommend using a light olive oil rather than an extra virgin, as the extra virgin will have some effect on taste. Thank you for reaching out.
  • How much butter do I use to substitute for vegetable oil?

    Use either the same amount of butter or about 20 percent more than the directions call for to make up for the difference in the fat content between butter and vegetable oil. If the mix calls for 1 cup of vegetable oil, then substitute 1 cup of melted butter and just under a 1/4 of a cup of melted butter.
  • Can you use olive oil to bake a cake?

    You can substitute olive oil for other cooking oils in most baked recipes, such as quick breads or brownies. Olive oil does have a stronger flavor than some other oils, which might affect the flavor of the baked product. You might want to try using half olive oil and half vegetable oil.
  • Can I use olive oil instead of vegetable oil for baking bread?

    Though the majority of bread mixes call for vegetable or canola oil, it is simple to substitute olive oil for the other types. The others are recommended because of their mild, unobtrusive flavor. Olive oil has a stronger flavor but one that goes well with most savory loaves.

Updated: 26th November 2019

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