Can you read books on Kindle without Internet connection?

With both the Kindle and Nook app you need Internet access to get the initial download of the book. 3g or Wi-Fi, either works. Once the book is downloaded to the phone then you do not have to have access in order to read them.

How do I get my Kindle to show page numbers instead of location?

To use Time to Read:
  1. While reading, tap the top of the screen to show the reading toolbar.
  2. Tap the Display Settings (Aa) icon, and then tap the Reading Progress tab.
  3. Select your preferred tracking option to be displayed at the bottom of your screen: Location in book. Page in book (if available) Time left in chapter.
  • How do you turn off a Kindle Paperwhite?

    Sleep: To put the Kindle Paperwhite in Sleep mode, press and release the power button. A screensaver appears on the display. Off: To turn off the Kindle Paperwhite, press and hold down the power button for 5–7 seconds, until the charge indicator light (located next to the power button) blinks and the screen goes blank.
  • How do you turn on the Kindle Paperwhite?

    You can solve many issues with your Kindle, such as a frozen screen or issues with downloading content, by restarting your device. Help for Kindle Paperwhite (5th Generation). To restart your device: Press and hold the Power button for seven seconds until the Power dialog box appears, and then tap Restart.
  • Why is my kindle not responding to touch?

    Quick Fix: Restart Your Kindle Touch. Many issues with your Kindle Touch, such as a frozen screen or issues with downloading content, can be solved by restarting your device. Press and hold the Power button for a full 40 seconds. After the first 6 to 8 seconds, the screen will go blank, which is normal.

How do I download a book from Kindle Cloud Reader?

To download content from the Cloud:
  1. From Home, tap a Kindle content library (for example, Books) in the top navigation, and then tap the Cloud tab to view Kindle content not downloaded to your Kindle device.
  2. Tap your content type to download the title to your device.
  3. Tap the Device tab to view your Kindle content.
  • Can you download apps on the Kindle Paperwhite?

    The paperwhtie is a eink device, it cannot do any video at all so it cannot do Netflix or any game that needs fast video. The Paperwhite is not a tablet so it cannot run any Android apps. You have to use the active content from the Kindle book store and most those are word type games, card games, simple games, etc.
  • How do I transfer my Kindle books to a new device?

    From the screenshot above, you can easily figure out how to use this software.
    1. Connect your two Kindle eReaders to computer.
    2. Open Kindle Transfer.
    3. Click on the source device, tick the books you want to transfer.
    4. Choose target device in the drop-down menu, then click "Transfer" button.
  • How do I get my old books on my new Kindle?

    Select "Register" and enter the same username and password of the account you were using on your old Kindle. Visit the "Manage Your Kindle" page on your computer's Web browser, and click the "Actions" button to the right of your previously purchased or downloaded Kindle content.

Can I read my Kindle books on the Internet?

Using your web browser, go to to open Kindle Cloud Reader. You may need to sign in with your Amazon account. Your Kindle Library is displayed on the main page. Click on a book to start reading.
  • How do you search for free books on a Kindle?

    Method 1 Finding Free Books in the Kindle Store
    1. Log into your Amazon account. Go to Amazon at and log in by clicking the “Sign in” button at the top right side of the page.
    2. Go to the Kindle Store.
    3. Head for “Free & Cheap Reads for Kindle.”
    4. Select a category.
    5. Select a book.
    6. Get the book.
  • How many books you can store on a Kindle?

    The Kindle Paperwhite has 2 GB of storage. Some previous Kindle models had 4GB of storage. 2GB allows you to hold up to 1,100 books locally on your device. In addition, your entire Kindle library is stored for free in the Amazon cloud, and you can easily move books from the cloud onto your device.
  • Can I read Kindle books on my phone?

    You can read a Kindle book via the Kindle app on your Samsung tablet and on your smartphone. If you have the Kindle app on both the Samsung Tablet and your Android phone, the library ebook should sync with both as long as the app is registered to the same account on both devices.

Updated: 25th November 2019

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