18th November 2019


Can you read a QR code with a barcode scanner?

QR codes are a type of 2D barcode, which means that you will need a QR barcode scanner, otherwise known as a full 2D imager, to properly read QR codes. Getting the QR barcode scanner will ensure you can read any QR Code whether it is printed on a label or read off of the screen of a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Hereof, can you scan a barcode from a screen?

Not all barcode scanners can read the barcode off the iPhone or display device screen, it depends on the type of the image sensor. CCD scanner can read barcode off LCD screen, CCD is pretty old technology; the CMOS scanner is much better than CCD scanner.

Can you scan a barcode on your phone?

Answer. There are many factors to consider when asking whether or not a particular barcode scanner will be able to scan barcodes directly from a cell phone screen. Laser scanners, without exception, will be unable to scan barcodes from LCDs (LED, OLED, or otherwise) or similar screens.
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