12th November 2019


Can you mix Lantus with any other insulin?

A: The action time of Lantus insulin changes when it is mixed with any other insulin. You end up with some mixture of long-acting and short-acting insulin, but the mixture is unpredictable. So the manufacturer of Lantus recommends it should not be mixed with any other type of insulin in the same syringe.

Moreover, what insulin Cannot be mixed together?

Usually, one of the insulins will be cloudy and the other clear. Some insulins cannot be mixed in the same syringe. For instance, never mix Lantus or Levemir with any other solution. Be sure to check with your doctor, pharmacist, or diabetes educator before mixing.

Can NPH be mixed with regular insulin?

Lantus can not be mixed with any other insulin. inject 10 units of air into regular vial and draw back 10u of regular insulin, withdrawl syringe, try not to get bubbles. Place syringe back into NPH and draw back to the 60 unit mark. If you go PAST 60 unitsnever inject mixed insulin back into NPH vial.

Can you mix insulin detemir?

A rapid- or short-acting insulin is often prescribed with Levemir. However, Levemir should never be mixed in the same syringe with other insulins before injection. Do not vigorously shake insulin before use. Don't reuse or recycle.
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