2nd October 2019


Can you live without your sinuses?

Like the appendix, sinuses are not a vital organ. One can do just fine without sinuses. People born without sinuses, or who have them surgically replaced, don't appear to have any significant problems. Moreover, the main beneficiaries of sinuses often are viruses and bacteria.

How long does it take to get over chronic sinusitis?

Sinusitis can be classified as acute, meaning symptoms last less than four weeks; subacute, meaning symptoms last for four to 12 weeks; chronic, in which symptoms persist longer than 12 weeks; and recurrent acute sinusitis, in which there are four or more episodes per year.

How is chronic sinusitis treated?

These treatments include:
  1. Saline nasal irrigation, with nasal sprays or solutions, reduces drainage and rinses away irritants and allergies.
  2. Nasal corticosteroids.
  3. Oral or injected corticosteroids.
  4. Aspirin desensitization treatment, if you have reactions to aspirin that cause sinusitis.
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