11th December 2019


Can you hurt your muscles and how?

Even though both can hurt a lot, strains are not as serious as sprains. Because a strain is pain in the muscle, it may start to hurt immediately or several hours later. The area will be tender, feel sore, there may be some swelling, and it might also appear bruised.

Furthermore, what do bones and muscles do for an athlete?

Muscles are attached by the tendons to bones on either side of a joint. Most muscles only work across one joint of the body. Some muscles work across two joints, such as the hamstrings, which work across the hip and knee joints. Movement is caused by muscles pulling on a bone.

How do muscles help you move?

Muscles move body parts by contracting and then relaxing. Your muscles can pull bones, but they can't push them back to their original position. So they work in pairs of flexors and extensors. The flexor contracts to bend a limb at a joint.

What attaches muscle to muscle?

Tendons may also attach muscles to structures such as the eyeball. A tendon serves to move the bone or structure. A ligament is a fibrous connective tissue which attaches bone to bone, and usually serves to hold structures together and keep them stable.
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