26th November 2019


Can you get full refund on Airbnb?

The Airbnb service fee is refundable, up to 3 times per year, within 48 hours of booking. Separately, if a guest cancels a reservation that overlaps with any part of an existing reservation, we won't refund the Airbnb service fee if they decide to cancel.

What is the cancellation policy for Airbnb?

When you create your Airbnb listing you select one of three standard cancellation policies: Flexible: Full refund 1 day prior to arrival, except fees. Moderate: Full refund 5 days prior to arrival, except fees. Strict: 50% refund up to 1 week prior to arrival, except fees.

How do I give a refund on Airbnb?

To refund a guest after their check-in date:
  1. Go to the Resolution Center on airbnb.com.
  2. Choose the reservation you want to refund.
  3. Under Select a Reason, choose Offer Partial Reimbursement.
  4. Enter the desired amount, currency, and a message to your guest.
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