28th November 2019


Can you get cancer from bulimia?

Given the lack of other risk factors, it seems reasonable to consider her history of bulimia as a possible risk factor for her cancer. Similar to chronic reflux, bulimia may cause chronic irritation and trauma to the esophagus leading to dysplasia and ultimately tumorgenesis.

Beside this, can bulimia cause digestive problems?

A sore throat, stomach pain, or both may be the first obvious physical side effects of bulimia. As the disorder progresses, chronic self-induced vomiting can cause a variety of symptoms in the digestive tract, beginning at the mouth. cause stomachaches, heartburn, and acid reflux.

Can you die from bulimia nervosa?

Reality: People with bulimia are at a high risk for dying, especially if they are purging, using laxatives and doing excessive exercise. Many people with bulimia have died from cardiac arrest which is usually caused by low potassium or an electrolyte imbalance. Others have died from a ruptured esophagus.
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