3rd October 2019


Can you eat the nut inside a nectarine?

The variety we eat is a "sweet" safe version which doesn't have cyanide. Other stone fruit kernels are essentially like bitter almonds; the plants are closely related. Fortunately it's pretty hard to accidentally eat bigger kernels (apricots, peaches, and nectarines) that could carry enough to really be harmful.

In respect to this, are you supposed to eat the skin of a peach?

Despite its fuzzy texture, peach skin is perfectly edible, and many people eat peaches without peeling. However, according to USDA sampling, peaches can be coated with as many as nine different pesticides before arriving at the grocery store. On the Consumers Union index of pesticide toxicity, peaches ranked highest.

When a nectarine is ripe?

The red blush of a peach or nectarine doesn't tell you if the fruit is ripe. Look at the background color. It should be uniform, either golden or pale cream, with absolutely no green blush or tinge. Yellow-fleshed peaches and nectarines should be soft but not mushy in any way.

Is a nectarine good for you?

Nectarines are good for the skin. There are many nutrients in nectarines that promote healthy skin. One of them is vitamin E, which can act as an anti-inflammatory and also protects skin from free radical damage caused by ultraviolet light. A medium nectarine contains about 5% of our daily vitamin E needs.
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