2nd October 2019


Can you eat the meat of a coconut?

Remove the flesh from the shell. If you're eating a mature raw coconut, slide a sharp knife between the raw coconut meat and the shell, and lift the firm meat away from the shell. If you're eating a young fruit, use a spoon to scoop out the soft, jellylike meat.

Also to know is, is coconut husk edible?

Definition of Coconut Husk Fiber. Coconut husk fibers are the brown, stringy fibers located on the outside of a coconut's shell. These fibers aren't edible, though if you're looking for a nutritional boost, eat the meat on the other side of the coconut shell.

What is the difference between a white and brown coconut?

While the white/young coconut produces more water, the brown/mature coconut produces more meat. The meat of the white coconut is gelatinous and not very flavorful. The meat of the brown coconut is thick, fibrous and full of flavor. The fiber left over can be dried and used in place of shredded coconut.
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