18th November 2019


Can you eat salmon with scales on it?

It's more than safe to eat salmon skin and scales. They're loaded with minerals and healthful fatty acids. From a fine dining perspective you wouldn't really want to eat the scales as they are. They'll get stuck in your teeth and so forth.

Keeping this in consideration, do you cut the scales off salmon before cooking?

First of all—skin is tasty! So when you're cooking salmon, keep that skin on: It provides a safety layer between your fish's flesh and a hot pan or grill. Start with the skin-side down, and let it crisp up. It's much easier to slide a fish spatula under the salmon's skin than under its delicate flesh.

Are the scales on salmon edible?

Recipes often state to fry salmon skin until crispy but there is no mention of removing scales. Are salmon scales edible unlike other fish? I always fry the skin side first -—you can keep the scales on as they go crispy if the pan is hot enough, and then they're edible.

Do salmon have scales on it?

Kosher. Thus, a grass carp, mirror carp, and salmon are kosher, whereas a shark, whose scales are microscopic, a sturgeon, whose scutes can not be easily removed without cutting them out of the body, and a swordfish, which loses all of its scales as an adult, are all not kosher.
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