21st October 2019


Can you eat a barberry?

There is a native Barberry (Berberis Canadensis) but in most places it is not seen as commonly as Japanese Barberry. The berries and leaves are edible. The taste of the berries is interesting. The leaves can also be eaten cooked, but it's deciduous so they fall off before winter.

Moreover, do barberry bushes attract ticks?

It also is a prime hiding spot for ticks. Japanese barberry (Berberis thunbergii) is a specially regulated plant on Minnesota's Noxious Weed list. They found higher densities of deer ticks carrying Lyme disease in barberry infestations than in other habitats.

Is all barberry invasive?

All Barberries Are Not Equal. Because, Japanese barberry is considered invasive in Connecticut. (It's not banned because not all cultivars are invasive.) Invasive forms of Japanese barberry do more than destroy habitat previously occupied by native shrubs.
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