25th November 2019


Can you drink lots of water and still be dehydrated?

Being dehydrated or always thirsty is a sign of diabetes. However maybe you think you're drinking a lot and you really still aren't drinking enough. The best formula is half your body weight in ounces, add a glass for every 30 minutes of exercise. Watch what you're eating, sodium, and what kind of water!

Likewise, can you get hydrated by sitting in water?

Ginny - The short answer is, no. Your skin is pretty waterproof. Well, our clothes might, but our skin is actually pretty waterproof. Although, if you were in somewhere very, very hot, sitting in water might actually help stop you from dehydrating, just because it would keep you cool, so you'd sweat less.

Can the human body absorb water through the skin?

While you can absorb things like minerals, nutrients and chemicals through the skin, your epidermis is literally made to be water resistant. This means that no matter how long you stay submerged in water, you're not really pulling in the water into your system.
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