6th December 2019


Can you donate air miles to another person?

The fee to transfer AIR MILES reward miles from one account to another is 15 cents per mile. To transfer reward miles, Collectors must call the AIR MILES Customer Care Centre and provide the following information: Validate their Collector account by a Customer Care Specialist. Number of reward miles to be transferred.

Just so, can I use my miles to buy a ticket for someone else?

Although many airlines allow you to book an award ticket for someone else using the airline website, there are some that require you to notify them in person at a ticketing desk or over the phone that your award miles will be used by someone else.

Can you transfer united miles to another person?

Miles start at $35 per 1,000 miles, with a minimum purchase of 2,000 miles. You can easily transfer miles from your account to another MileagePlus member. Mileage transfers cost $7.50 per 500 miles, plus a processing fee of $30 per transaction.

Can you transfer frontier miles to another person?

It is also possible to transfer your Frontier miles to another person if they need to top up their account for an award. However, it's not cheap; Frontier charges 2.5 cents per mile to transfer between 1,000 and 25,000 miles.
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