25th November 2019


Can you die from multiple sclerosis?

Those with MS tend to die from many of the same conditions, such as cancer and heart disease, as people who don't have the condition. Apart from cases of severe MS, which are rare, the prognosis for longevity is generally good.

Can MS go into remission forever?

Remission is a period in which you have no symptoms of the disease. A remission can last for weeks, months, or, in some cases, years. But remission does not mean you no longer have MS. MS medications can help put you into remission, but you still have MS.

How long does a multiple sclerosis flare up last?

To be considered a true relapse, the flare must occur at least 30 days after your most recent flare, and the new or recurring symptoms must last for at least 24 hours. Acute symptom flares are followed by periods of months or even years when symptoms subside or completely disappear.
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