4th December 2019


Can you die from a depression?

But some cases of depression are more severe, with intense symptoms that may include significant appetitie and weight loss, sleep problems, and frequent thoughts of death or suicide. Such depression can be paralyzing. You may isolate yourself and have trouble getting out of bed or leaving the house.

Similarly one may ask, can you die of sadness?

Sadness. It's called heartbreak for a reason. One study from St. George's University of London found that it is actually possible to die of a broken heart — bereavement increases your risk of a heart attack or stroke by nearly double after a partner's death, the researchers discovered.

Can you get so angry you die?

No darlin,you cannot die from anger but it will make a huge impact in you physically,for you see,anger can cause ulcers as well as high blood pressure and those can kill you.The human body can actually turn on you because of how you handle things.People who's faces go bright red when angry have blood pressure issues
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