21st November 2019


Can you cut back a fern?

When pruning Boston fern, always use clean, sharp pruning shears or scissors. Since pruning can be messy, you may want to move the plants outdoors or place an old sheet in the area to catch the cuttings. You don't want to crop the top of the plant when pruning Boston fern. Instead, trim off the side fronds at the base.

So, why are the tips of my fern leaves turning brown?

You may see brown tips on garden ferns if the soil becomes too dry. When it feels dry to touch, water slowly and deeply. Stop watering when the water runs off instead of sinking into the soil. If your fern has brown tips because the humidity is too low, it's best to choose another plant for the location.

How often do you need to water ferns?

Below 60 degrees, add water only when the soil is dry to the touch. Some of the more tropical ferns may grow poorly, preferring the higher temperatures. Consistent watering, keeping the soil evenly moist, not wet, is also key to the health and well being of the plants.

Why are the leaves falling off my fern?

Leaf Drop on Boston Fern. Lack of watering – Boston ferns need water and plenty of it. Although they can tolerate drier conditions than other ferns, they still should be watered every time the surface soil just starts to dry. Soak the plant's soil completely, until water is running out the bottom.
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