6th December 2019


Can you call a square a rhombus?

Some sources say yes, some say no. Some sources define a rhombus as a quadrilateral and parallelogram with equal sides, but without right angles. Some sources say a square is a special case of a rhombus. inclusive definition: A rhombus has four equal sides; i.e. the class of rhombi INCLUDES all squares.

Regarding this, how a rhombus could also be called a rectangle?

A rectangle is a parallelogram with all its interior angles being 90 degrees. A rhombus is a parallelogram with all its sides equal. This means that for a rectangle to be a rhombus, its sides must be equal. When this is satisfied, we have a square.

Is a rhombus also a rectangle?

No, because all four sides of a rectangle don't have to be equal. However, the sets of rectangles and rhombuses do intersect, and their intersection is the set of squares—all squares are both a rectangle and a rhombus.

Is a rhombus always a rectangle?

A rhombus is not always a rectangle, but it can be. A rhombus is defined to be a quadrilateral with four equal sides. It does not have any requirements for the interior angles. But if all the interior angles are 90 degrees, then the rhombus is a square (because, as mentioned before, the sides are equal).
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