6th October 2019


Can wet drywall dry out?

When drywall is installed over concrete block, it is generally dry-able if there is no insulation in the airspace between the gypsum and the block. For walls with extensive moisture damage, it may be necessary to completely remove all wet wallboard and all wet insulation.

Hereof, what is the normal moisture level for drywall?

The dryer your drywall is, the better. Readings on a moisture reader will generally range from 5 to 40 percent. A range of 5 to 12 percent is considered optimal. A reading of up to 17 percent is generally considered moderate moisture and acceptable.

Can a moisture meter detect mold?

Using Moisture Meters to Determine Mold Risk. Detecting this moisture within property walls and flooring can indicate areas where corrosion and mold risks may be present. In the eradication of mold and hazardous fungi, a thorough inspection is key.
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