2nd October 2019


Can type of combustion chamber?

It is also known as a burner, combustion chamber or flame holder. In a gas turbine engine, the combustor or combustion chamber is fed high pressure air by the compression system. Early gas turbine engines used a single chamber known as a can type combustor.

In this way, what is the purpose of the combustion chamber?

The combustor is fed high pressure air from the compression system, adds fuel, ignites, and burns the mixture. The hot compressed air generated in the combustion chamber passes into the turbine where it expands. The function of the turbine is to extract power from the hot air flow.

What is turbulence in combustion chamber?

Turbulence is the way air fuel mixture moves inside a combustion chamber. Swirl is a turbulent motion of air fuel mixture, which is obtained from different piston head design, combustion chamber types and air fuel injection methods.

What is an open combustion chamber?

Open Combustion Chamber. The open combustion chamber (fig. 5-2) is the simplest form of chamber. It is suitable for only slow- speed, four-stroke cycle engines, but is widely used in two-stroke cycle diesel engines. In the open chamber, the fuel is injected directly into the space on top of the cylinder.
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