2nd October 2019


Can someone under 55 live in a 55 community?

Yes, you can buy in a 55+ community if you are not 55 years old. Residency restrictions are spelled out in each community's Rules and Regulations and you may be able to live in the community if you are under 55 as long as you are living with a spouse, partner or in some cases caring for a senior like a parent.

Correspondingly, how old do you have to be to live in a senior community?

Senior age-restricted apartments are usually 55 or 62+ and follow HUD regulations which allow for such "age discrimination". If restirctions are 55+, at least one person in the apartment must be at least 55 and the apartment community must have no more than 20% of all residents under the age of 55.

Are age restricted communities legal?

While age-restricted communities must be in compliance with both their state and federal laws, there are exemptions which let them legally limit the age of their residents. While age is not a protected class under the Fair Housing Act, the law does prevent discrimination based on familial status.

What is a 55 and older community?

The U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) and the Housing for Older Persons Act, which says that housing must include at least one person who is 55 or older in at least 80 percent of the occupied units, regulates these communities. This means one spouse can be under the required age.
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