17th October 2019


Can rabbits die if they get lonely?

When rabbits are bonded they form a very strong relationship. When that bond is broken through physical separation or death of one the partner I have heard that they can die from loneliness. The risk is considered so significant at my local shelter that a bonded pair has the same adoption fee as a single rabbit.

Likewise, people ask, can u die of loneliness?

Loneliness is not just making us sick, it is killing us. Loneliness is a serious health risk. Studies of elderly people and social isolation concluded that those without adequate social interaction were twice as likely to die prematurely. The increased mortality risk is comparable to that from smoking.

Can loneliness cause health problems?

Loneliness can cause all kinds of ill health effects, and it even begets more intense loneliness, studies show. He has found, for instance, loneliness is tied to hardening of the arteries (which leads to high blood pressure), inflammation in the body, and even problems with learning and memory.
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