2nd October 2019


Can people eat conkers?

Conkers can be mildly poisonous to many animals, causing sickness if eaten, although some animals can safely consume them, most notably deer and wild boar. “People think it's called the horse chestnut because people think horses like to eat the chestnuts, but it's not, because they can be poisonous.

Likewise, people ask, what is the difference between a chestnut and a Conker?

A conker is the seed of the horse chestnut tree (not the sweet chestnut tree where we get edible chestnuts from). It is a hard brown nut which is found in a prickly casing.They are called Buckeyes in the US. Conkers are non-edible and they are not related to the chestnuts and their botanical name is Castanea dentate.

Are conkers the same as roasted chestnuts?

The chestnuts we eat are often called sweet chestnuts and are not to be confused with 'conkers' (also known as horse chestnuts), or with water chestnuts which are roots. The horse chestnut is an entirely different tree from the sweet chestnut, and in fact they are not even distantly related.

Do conkers keep spiders out of the house?

1. Put conkers around your house to keep the spiders away. The story goes that conkers contain a noxious chemical that repels spiders but no-one's ever been able to scientifically prove it. There's hearsay that if a spider gets close to a conker it will curl its legs up and die within a day.
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